Newtown Farmers Market

Newtown Nation “Million in Six” Fundraiser

Newtown Nation “Million in Six” Fundraiser

It is always with great pleasure that we here at The Newtown Nation & The Newtown Farmer’s Market can present to the city of Sarasota a host of events, The 1st Annual “Back Yard BBQ Cook-off and “We Are One Multicultural Family Weekend!

For those unfamiliar with The Newtown Nation and the Newtown Farmers Market, we are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of the citizens of Newtown, Sarasota, from the youth to the elderly. Our goal is to help elevate the Community to a place of self-sufficiency, success and unity, with the life skills needed to be productive citizens in our Community and abroad. When we all stand in solidarity to render the required services in Our Community, anything can be accomplished!

In conjunction with our 2022 6th Annual “Big Mama’s Collard Green Festival which will be October 15, 2022, we welcome two more major family events.

Back Yard BBQ Cook-Off (February 12, 2022)

This Back-Yard BBQ Cook-off is part of our “Million in Six” Fundraiser events. To raise necessary funds for The Newtown Nation projects and programs, we are doing what we can to generate funds. Proceeds from all donations, sponsorships, and events leading up to the due date of our “6th Annual Big Mama Collard Green Festival” 2022 will be used to implement our programs. Click here to donate.

Sponsors & Donors Wanted for Backyard BBQ Cook-Off

We Are One” Multicultural Family Weekend (3-day event May 6th-8th)

Will bring together citizens from all ethnic backgrounds to come out and showcase their cultures’ talents. So, we’re looking forward to building genuine relationships united. We believe that Community comes together in unity.

Proceeds will go towards structures for the Newtown Nation/Newtown’s Farmers Market to implement a miracle of new community programs for 2022 and years to follow. The Newtown Farmers Market will be more accessible than just two days a week. The president of the Newtown Nation, Miss Valerie Buchand, is “saying we have checked our progress in the Community of Newtown, and we’re unsatisfied with the results. To make the difference that we feel Newtown needs and deserves, we can’t become complicit with feeding the homeless or sponsoring a few families for the Holidays. Although it’s helping them, it’s temporary help. Families need more. We are partnering with other organizations and designing programs to assist people truly. We will remain in conversation with the concerned citizens of Newtown to save and build our Community. We will not be satisfied until we’ve done so.”

So, will you be a part of our fight for a better community? Help us rebuild programs that work to allow Sarasota Newtown’s underserved children and adults to be self-sufficient and productive individuals in today’s society.

It doesn’t matter if one person gives $1 or $10,000. Please join the fight and be a part of solving the plaguing problems in our Community. Help us inspire, assist and educate Newtown Sarasota in becoming a personification of success that we all know it can be. 

Become a “We Are One” supporter today by donating via mail to 

P.O BOX 2111
or online by clicking here.

Sincerely Serious!
Danette Williams,
Newtown Farmers Market Manager/ Events Coordinator (813) 364-3618 Market
(813) 532-9801 Cell